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The Paper King roams through the city. Like words on wings, carried by the wind. Impressive yet fragile. He carries all the novels, poems and theatre plays in his soul. Letters flow through his veins. He breathes fantasy. Ever since the dawn of mankind he has assisted authors with the creation of their Magnum Opus.

If you conquer fear and take a little time to watch this creature carefully, you will discover the Great Stories, appearing on the surface of his body. The paper skin of the King can easily transform into a fortress, a cruel ocean or a magical forest, all inhibited by well-known characters.


So, when you meet the Paper King, don’t feel shy. Try to listen to his story. Because when the paper starts rustling, the words try to escape…

PAPER CUTS is a poetic walking act with a large paper figure. Through pop-ups and small architectural paper constructions a range of stories appear out of the body of the King. 


Concept: Griet Herssens and Jelle Van Rossem

Actor: Jelle Van Rossem

Duration: ca. 40 minutes 
Age: + 5 years 

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